Deposit Accounts

The Depositors are the back bone of every Bank. Any bank will sustain in the industry and can play in the market only up to that period, where the depositors have faith about the Bank. If any Bank loses confidence in the minds of the depositors, it will not be having any more life, in future.

Bank is offering the following types of Deposits Schemes.

Savings Bank Account

Bank allows opening of SB accounts for the following category

         An individual in his own name
         More than one person in their joint names.
         A guardian on behalf of the minor.
         Clubs, Associations, Charitable Institutions and Professionals, Society, Trust other such bodies of identical nature.
         NRE / NRO / HUF

Minimum Balance to be maintained in the Account is Rs 500/-

Current Account

Money transactions are at the heart of most Business relationships. Current Account is particularly meant for Business class. This account can be opened by Business people like, Traders, Businessmen, Corporate Bodies Wholesalers, Retailers, Stockbrokers, Distributors, Super market chains, Clearing & Forwarding Agencies etc. who operate the account frequently.

The account holder should have to maintain a minimum Balance of Rs.2,000.00.

Fixed Deposit Account(FD)

Fixed Deposit Account can be opened by any person. This account will be opened for a fixed amount of deposit for a fixed tenure at the prescribed rate of interest. In this deposit, depositor can withdraw Interest amount Monthly/Quarterly/Half Yearly or Yearly as per the requirement of the depositor. Minimum period of deposit is 15 days

Mangala Cash Certificate (MCC)

Any person can open Mangala Cash Certificate Deposit Account, in this deposit type Interest will be compounded on quarterly basis and at the time of maturity depositor will get the deposit Amount along with interest. Minimum Period of the deposit is 1 year & above.

Cumulative Term Deposit (CTD)

Cumulative Term Deposit is a normal Recurring Deposit Account where the customer deposits a fixed monthly installment in the account and is paid the deposited amount along with the interest at the end of the term agreed upon at the time of opening the account. Minimum Period of deposit is 1 Year & above

Common Features of FD, MCC & CTD Accounts

         Loan can be availed upto 90% of Deposit Amount.
         Premature Closure facility is Available.
         Nomination Facility is Available.

Your Deposit upto Rs 5,00,000.00 is insured under Deposit Insurance & Credit Guarantee Corporation and We have paid Insurance Premium Upto date.
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